Makagwapo Agrees To Go To Xander Arizala’s House To Turnover “Utang”

Makagwapo: “Ngayon lang ako nakakakita ng taong siya yung may kailangan tapos siya pa yung kailangang puntahan”

MAKAGWAPO – The content creator has agreed that he will go to Xander Arizala’s house to turn over the “utang” that he “promised” to his “inaanak”.

To recall, Xander posted a video where he said that he doesn’t want to go to Makagwapo’s house and told him to go to his house or meet him halfway instead. Xander also told Makagwapo that the he will turn over the money to him and he alone will deposit it to his son’s bank account.

On Thursday evening, content creator Christian Merck Grey (also known as Makagwapo) responded to Xander Arizala’s video and said that he agreed to what Xander wants to happen.

Makagwapo Xander Arizala

In a video, Makagwapo asked Xander about the difference between depositing the money to his son’s bank account by himself and going to the bank together to deposit the money.

Kaya ako nahihinayang dito (PHP 350,000) kasi marami pa akong mga taong pwedeng matulungan gamit ang pera na ‘to,” he said. “Marami akong mga taong mas deserving matulungan gamit ang pera na ‘to.

He went on to show off thousands of money on his computer desk.

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Makagwapo then told Xander to send him the location of his house so he can turn over the money to him.

Before he ended the 5-minute video that he posted on Facebook, Makagwapo told Xander to make sure that the money will go to his “inaanak” and not on “kung saan-saang mga luho mo sa katawan”.

The two of them are expected to meet on Friday, May 26, 2023.

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