Lakam Chiu Recalls “Very Critical Stage” During Hospitalization

Lakam Chiu: “I was in a very critical stage for the first 5 days.”

LAKAM CHIU – The older sister of actress Kim Chiu recently recalled that she underwent a “very critical stage” during her 18-day hospitalization.

To recall, It was on Kim Chiu’s 33rd birthday last April 19, 2023 when the actress revealed that her sister had been hospitalized. After a few days, the actress announced that her sister had been transferred from ICU (intensive care unit) to a normal room, and finally regained consciousness last April 24, 2023.

On Friday, Lakam Chiu posted a series of photos on her social media account as she expressed her gratitude to those who have been praying for her since she was hospitalized last April.

Lakam Chiu and Kim Chiu
Photos: Lakam Chiu / Instagram

In the caption of her social media post, Lakam said that she was discharged from the hospital last week, May 5, 2023, after 18 days of confinement and is now recovering at home.

She also shared that she was in a “very critical stage” for the first 5 days. According to her, she’s “unable to talk, hear, and see” at that time and she couldn’t even imagine that she was able to get through it.

I was in a very critical stage for the first 5 days. Unable to talk, hear, and see. I couldn’t even imagine I was able to get through it…” Lakam said. “Being in this kind of situation is no joke. My family had to make a life changing decision w/out them knowing if I could make it or not.

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Lakam then thanked the medical team that took care of her, her friends, and her family — especially her sister Kim — for being there for her.

She ended her social media post by asking the public to keep her in their thoughts and prayers as she continues her recovery at home.

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