Mother of John Matthew Salilig Visits Son’s Wake for the First Time

Mother of John Matthew Salilig Goes to Son’s Wake

MOTHER OF JOHN MATTHEW SALILIG – For the first time, the mother of the Adamson University student visited his wake in Zamboanga City.

The Salilig family did not expect that they will be reunited with John Matthew Salilig but they will have to fetch his lifeless body in a casket upon his arrival in the airport. His remains were brought straight to the funeral homes were his late grandfather’s wake is also held.

Currently, investigations are ongoing but the initial reports point to frat activities as the root of the death of John Matthew. The last time that his family heard from him was when he informed his older brother that he will be attending a welcoming rites of their frat group.

Two (2) of the brothers of Matt are also members of the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity and his brother was not worried since he is already a member of the group in Zamboanga City.

John Matthew Salilig

However, what happened next were beyond his expectation. Matt went missing for more than a week and the curiosity of his family as to what happened to him was given an end when his lifeless body was found in Imus, Cavite.

There are claims that Matt’s body gave in after the welcoming rites. As of this writing, six (6) suspects are under police custody while 10 more suspects are at large.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the mother of John Matthew Salilig recently visited the wake of his son for the first time. According to her husband, Jeoffrey Salilig, it was her first time to see Matt since their son went missing.

“Alam ko, as [her] partners, in pain ‘yan but with her present health condition, nakokontrol niya ‘yan,” the father of John Matthew Salilig said of his mother.

Mother of John Matthew Salilig
Screengrabbed from ABS-CBN News

Justice continues to be the cry of the Salilig family and Matt’s friends. His father stressed that what happened to his son is an “eye opener” to all the fraternities and organizations that would hopefully put a stop to this type of incident.

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