Kira Balinger Addresses Rumors Linking Her To Kelvin Miranda

Kira Balinger: “Hindi po ako third wheel”

KIRA BALINGER – After being accused of being a “third wheel”, the actress recently addressed rumors linking her to actor Kelvin Miranda.

To recall, the actress was accused of being the “third party” causing trouble between the actor and his former girlfriend Roselle Vytiaco. According to a report on Manila Bulletin, she said in an interview that she’s not the “third wheel”.

Kung ano po yung naging usapan nilang dalawa ng ex nila, wala po akong alam duon, out na po ako du’n. And if there’s somebody that Ate Girl should talk to – should be him not me,” the actress said in an interview.

Kira Balinger
Photo: Kira Balinger / Instagram

The actress also said that she understands the pain of being cheated on from one woman to another, but she said that she didn’t know about it from her point of view. According to her, she’s confident to say that she’s not “kabit”.

She went on to admit that she made a mistake.

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Manila Bulletin reported that Kira had been too chummy with Kelvin and it resulted in online chats and intimate photos that soon made it to social media courtesy of the actor’s ex-girlfriend.

Kira was also asked if Kevin apologized to her for being dragged into the mess. “Siyempre po may sorry kasi nadamay ako sa ano nila. Pero ayun, stuff happens, unfortunately,” the actress said. “I did not break them up and I’m very confident to say that.

Kira Balinger Kelvin Miranda Roselle Vytiaco
Photo source: Manila Bulletin

The actress also shared that she doesn’t steal men and doesn’t run after them as men come to her.

She added that she made a mistake as she “entertained one too many” and she’s sorry for it, making up for it, and taking accountability for her actions. When asked if she and Kelvin are still friends, she said, “I think it’s more of work now.

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