Kendra Kramer Speaks On Being In Public Eye

Kendra Kramer: “No matter what we do in life, there will always be pressure and expectations.”

KENDRA KRAMER – The daughter of Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer recently spoke about being in the public eye.

Kendra posted a series of photos on her Instagram account to mark the International Women’s Day last March 8, 2023. In her post, she shared what it’s like to be in the public eye.

She shared that she focuses on being grateful and the learnings that will come along the way.

Kendra Kramer
Photo: Kendra Kramer / Instagram

In the caption of her post, Kendra shared that she focuses on the blessing of having a platform to express herself and be a voice to those she can inspire.

You take the good with the bad,” Kendra said. “No matter what we do in life, there will always be pressure and expectations.

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According to her, she reminds herself that she is not perfect and that she can’t please everyone. She also reminds herself that the best is within her and she needs to bring it out for the world to see who she really is and what she can do.

Kendra went on to honor her mom Chesca, saying that she has someone to look up to when she’s feeling doubtful and discouraged. She also said that her mother inspires her to be a good woman not only for herself but also for other people.

I will always do my best in everything I do because I am capable and #IAmWoman,” she said.

Kendra is the eldest daughter of Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia, followed by Scarlett and Gavin.

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