Gary Valenciano Speaks On Bonding With Granddaughter Leia

Gary Valenciano: “How I pray she will never forget these moments I’ve spent with her”

GARY VALENCIANO – Mr. Pure Energy spoke about bonding with his granddaughter Leia.

The singer posted a video on his social media account wherein he can be seen joining his granddaughter while she’s playing a video game “Zelda”. In the said video, he asked her some questions and she willingly explains to him how the game works.

Leia is the daughter of Paolo Valenciano and his wife Samantha Godinez.

Gary Valenciano
Screenshot from Gary Valenciano’s video on Instagram

In the caption of his post, Gary said that sitting next to his granddaughter and listening to her is his effort in making her know how precious she is to him.

Hearing a child’s voice conversing and expressing this way always brings so much joy into my heart,” he said. “She is now [six years] old and things are already changing. How I pray she will never forget these moments I’ve spent with her.

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Mr. Pure Energy said that he prayed his granddaughter always considers him as someone she could sit and talk to and as someone she could just be herself with. He went on to express his love for her.

Gary used the hashtag #ThePrincessAndHerPappie in the caption of his social media post.

It was last month when Paolo and Samantha announced that they welcomed their second child and named him Luciano Mikael “Luch” G. Valenciano. At that time, Valenciano family were present at the hospital and also welcomed baby Luchiano as well.

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