Carmina Villarroel Speaks On Darren Espanto’s Friendship with Cassy Legaspi

Carmina Villarroel: “Parang nakakampante ako na pag magkasama sila sa event”

CARMINA VILLARROEL – The actress recently spoke about Darren Espanto’s friendship with her daughter Cassy Legaspi.

The actress had an interview with entertainment news reporter MJ Felipe wherein she gave an opinion about the close friendship between Darren and Cassy. According to her, she’s “very happy” and comfortable with whatever they have.

I’m just so happy that they’re really good friends, I’m super happy. Ako, I’m very comfortable na they’re together. Hindi naman madalas [magkasama],” Carmina said.

Carmina Villarroel
Photo: Carmina Villarroel / Instagram

In an interview, Carmina shared that even if Cassy and Darren are not always physically together, she feels happy that the two are comfortable with one another whenever they have the chance to meet up.

When MJ Felipe jokingly asked the actress what she meant about the two being together, she clarified that they are “physically together” and not romantically involved with one another.

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She also revealed that she gave Darren her blessings to be friends with Cassy, adding that she doesn’t want to add anything to the rumors between her daughter and the Kapamilya singer and she kept mum on the said topic.

Basta sa ngayon, they’re very good friends,” Carmina said. “Happy ako for them. May blessing yun––yung pagiging good friends nila sobrang may blessing [sa akin]. What you see is what you get.

Meanwhile, Darren Espanto expressed his gratitude towards Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi for allowing him to spend time with Cassy Legaspi in their own home.

According to a report on PUSH, the Kapamilya singer was teased by Vice Ganda after he was spotted video calling someone during the one of breaks of the show. It was later confirmed in an interview with MJ Felipe that he’s on the phone with Cassy Legaspi.

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