Ara Mina and Dave Almarinez Share How They Balance Business And Family Life

Ara Mina and Dave Almarinez shared how they balanced their business and family life.

ARA MINA AND DAVE ALMARINEZ – The couple recently shared how they are able to balance their their business and family life.

The couple opened up a new business called AForce Ventures Inc. Its office is located in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig and the blessing and inauguration was held last March 6, 2023.

Their company is already three years in the making as AForce Ventures Inc. didn’t operate immediately because of the pandemic and both Ara and Dave were busy with various commitments.

Ara Mina and Dave Almarinez
Photo: Ara Mina / Instagram

According to a report on PUSH, Ara and Dave’s company is a “holding company”.

Investopedia defines holding company as a company that “owns the assets of other companies” and “oversee the company’s management decisions” but “does not actively participate in running a business’s day-to-day operations of these subsidiaries”.

Dave, who is a graduate of Global Strategic Management course at Harvard Business School, said that the goal of their business is to help new entrepreneurs to succeed in their business.

Actually, lagi akong nakakasama sa mga dealings so we were in Hungary. Sinasabay lang yung mga honeymoon. Nag-Hong Kong din kamin dahil yung isang partner niya nando’n din. Tapos nag-Korea din kami.” Ara Mina said.

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Dave also said that he and Ara try to maximize their time if there’s an opportunity. According to him, it’s not every day that there’s an opportunity and so they grab that opportunity if they think it fits the business they are building.

The couple were also asked if they’re ready to be separated from each other when AForce Ventures will prosper abroad.

Dave said that they will prepare if that opportunity comes. However, he said that it’s better that he and his wife are together because their relationship is not only personal but also professional. Ara agreed to what her husband said.

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