Maggie Wilson Responds To Victor Consunji’s Statement

Maggie Wilson: “No legacy is so rich as honesty”

MAGGIE WILSON – Here’s what the former beauty queen said after his ex-husband Victor Consunji broke his silence over his rift with her.

Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji
Photo source: Philippine Star

Businessman Victor Consunji broke his silence after “increased malicious online attacks” by the former beauty queen.

In a statement posted by the Philippine Star on Friday, Victor said that Maggie faces 3 arrest warrants for adultery, 16 arrest warrants for cyberlibel, and multiple civil cases pertaining to the “collection of unrecovered funds and swindled investments”.

According to the businessman, he made a statement to express his position regarding Maggie’s “systemetic harassment and bullying” of his family, friends, colleagues, and of himself and Rachel Carrasco specifically.

He also said that he will protect his family, his children, and his loved ones.

With every attack, manipulation, swindle, scam and insult conducted and propagated by Ms. Wilson and her affiliates, no matter how slight, I will ensure to institute the appropriate legal proceedings,” he said in a statement.

Photo source: Philippine Star

In response to Victor’s statement, Maggie posted a series of questions on her Instagram Stories. The former beauty queen also clarified that what she released is “NOT a statement”.

I encourage you to read the other party’s recent statements published today, February 10, 2023, prior to asking yourself the following questions,” Maggie said.

Maggie Wilson
Maggie Wilson
Maggie Wilson

Meanwhile, Tim Connor posted on Instagram Stories amidst the rift between Victor and Maggie.

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He said that there’s no winning when “children of any nature” are involved, but “history repeats itself time and time again”.

According to the entrepreneur, he gives both children his blessings and hopes one day that they can look back and learn from the mistakes of their parents and not to repeat those mistakes.

Photo: Tim Connor / Instagram Stories

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