Korina Sanchez Calls For Those Who Are Interested In Adopting Her Rescued Dogs

Korina Sanchez: “Please help me give a loving family and home to these cuties”

KORINA SANCHEZ – The veteran broadcast journalist is calling for those who are interested in adopting her rescued dogs.

Korina Sanchez
Photo: Korina Sanchez / Instagram

Korina has been known to provide shelter for more than 2,000 homeless animals that she rescued off the streets throughout the years.

To recall, it was last February 9 when she posted an open call for big-hearted dog and cat lovers who are generous enough to “give forever families to the homeless and abused animals”.

I truly believe you are blessed greatly when you help and love these of the helpless and voiceless of God’s creations,” Korina said in the caption of her social media post at that time.

It was last Tuesday when Korina started introducing some of her rescued dogs that are currently up for adoption and rehoming. She also posted a photo of herself with the hashtag #AdoptAPetFromK and the tagline “ADOPT Don’t Shop”.

According to her, “Alex San” (the second photo) is a Labrador who his breeders didn’t want because “he is a little banlag in the eyes”.

She also shared that “Bello” (the third photo) is a stray furry aspin who they saw “scavenging and sick” near the Belo clinic, while “Aries” (fourth photo) was wounded and sick when they saw him and brought straight to the vet at that time.

Korina added that “Missy” (fifth photo) was already adopted, but adopters returned the dog because they had to move homes. She also said that “Tisay” (sixth photo) is a “healthy princess” that they saw in the wet market “without any hair from scabies and was thin to the bones”.

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According to the veteran broadcast journalist, she makes sure that the adoptable dogs are already in good health and will be medically sponsored for a year and no adoption fees for successful applicants.

When you Adopt From K the dog is healthy, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and insured for a year for vet services. Dog will have a bed, bowls, collar/harness and leash and vitamins. For free. No fees,” Korina said.

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