Stop SIM Card Registration in PH, Group Calls Citing Some Factors

Groups Calls For Stop of SIM Card Registration in the Philippines

STOP SIM CARD REGISTRATION IN PH – A group, the Junk SIM Registration Network, called for the stopping of the SIM card registration in the country.

The SIM cardholders in the Philippines are now mandated to register to their telecommunication provider companies. Among these giant telco providers in the country are Globe, Smart, and DITO.

The SIM card registration is the first law signed by President Bongbong Marcos as the country’s chief executive. The people behind the push for SIM card registration wants the incidents of scamming in the country to be reduced. Many of these incidents involved the use of mobile numbers.

Following the passing of the measure into a law, experts admitted that it may not totally drop the scamming incidents flat to zero but it can lessen such incidents. Many Filipinos have already registered to their telco providers.

Stop SIM Card Registration in PH
Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin

Most of the SIM card registrations took place online. Telco giants have launched platforms where their clients and subscribers can register their SIM card. Certain personal information are needed in registering.

SIM card holders have 180 days since the IRR was released to register. Amid the registration period, a group, Junk SIM Registration Network, calls for the stop of SIM card registration.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Junk SIM Registration Network spokesperson Maded Batara III claimed that the mandate is a threat to the privacy of the people. Also, she cited that many individuals are having problems in registering because they have no ID or they cannot upload their ID photo in the registration form.

Based on the report, National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) officer-in-charge Ella Blanca Lopez said that they are already coordinating with the telcos regarding the situation of SIM card owners in far-flung areas or places where signal is not good.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) stressed that there is a data privacy and there are penalties to those that will not abide to it.

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