SIM REGISTRATION – Globe Telecom Reminds Mobile Phone Users To Register SIM Using Official Channels

Globe Telecom: “Only use official channels for their SIM registration”

SIM REGISTRATION – Telecommunications company Globe Telecom reminded mobile phone users to register their SIMs using official channels.

Globe Telecom: “Only use official channels for their SIM registration”

On Tuesday, the telco said that mobile phone users must register their SIMs (subscriber identity module) using official channels since sharing personal information with individuals offering assistance online could be risky.

Globe Telecom said in a statement that some individuals are taking advantage of the mandatory SIM registration by offering assistance for free or for a fee and requesting the name, valid ID, photo, mobile phone number, birthday, and address.

The telco also said that the personal information of mobile phone users could be used to impersonate owners, access their accounts, steal money, or use it for other illegal activities when fraudsters managed to get it.

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Globe then told mobile phone users that they must only use the official SIM registration channels in order to protect themselves. The telco added that mobile phone users should ask a family member or a friend if assistance is necessary.

We want to remind our customers to be wary of these types of offers and to only use official channels for their SIM registration,” Globe Chief Privacy Officer Irish Salandanan-Almeida said. “Your personal information is valuable and we urge you to protect it from those who may want to use it for unlawful purposes.

Also, Globe Telecom said that the telco would rollout SIM registration sites for senior citizens, persons with disabilities (PWDs), pregnant women, as well as users of basic or feature phone.

According to a report, 7 million out of 87.9 million SIMs under Globe Telecom’s network have been registered so far.

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