Schedule 2023 BAR Exams: Supreme Court Announces Exam Dates

SCHEDULE 2023 BAR EXAMS – The Supreme Court announced the dates of the licensure examinations for lawyers.

The dates for the BAR examination for this year 2023 has been set by the Supreme Court. Exam takers can now start gearing up for the licensure exams as the SC released the schedule which you can check below.

Bar Exams 2023: Supreme Court Announces Schedule of Licensure Exam for Lawyers

SC Releases Update on Bar Exams 2023 Schedule for Lawyers

BAR EXAM 2023 – The Supreme Court announced the schedule of the licensure examination for lawyers next year.

In the Philippines, there are several courses that require the passing of a board examination for its graduates to obtain a license in practicing the professional. These board exams or licensure exams are conducted by authorized entities. Most of the board exams are conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission or more commonly called PRC.

Law is one of the courses that require the passing of a board exam for license. The exam is conducted by the Supreme Court in the Philippines. The licensure exam is conducted for at least two (2) days depending on the order of the Court. The Bar Exams 2022 was conducted for four (4) days while it was given for two (2) days in 2020-2021.

Recently, the Supreme Court announced the schedule for Bar Exams 2023. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the licensure exam for lawyers is set on September 17, 20, and 24 next year.

Bar Exams 2023
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Based on the report, the Supreme Court said that the exams will remain digitalized and regionalized. According to the Office of the Bar Chair, “the rational is both practical and societal” citing that an early conduct of the board exams paves the way for an early releasing of the results.

“Successful Bar examinees can commence their practice of law as early as December 2023,” the Office of the Bar Chair said.

Based on the report, the Bar Exams 2023 will cover 6 core subjects and the exams for two (2) subjects will be given to the applicants every day. The following is the schedule of the exam:

First Day:

AM – Political and Public International Law
PM – Commercial and Taxation Laws

Second Day:

AM – Civil Law
PM – Labor Law and Social Legislation

Third Day:

AM – Criminal Law
PM – Remedial Law, Legal and Judicial Ethics with Practical Exercises

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