Read The Riot Act Meaning & Sentence Examples

Read The Riot Act Definition, Sentence Examples

READ THE RIOT ACT MEANING – Find out what read the riot act really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The British parliament passed the Riot Act in 1715 in response to the Jacobite rebellion of that year, giving local governments more power. According to this statute, a gathering of twelve or more people gathered in one place was considered unlawful and were severely reprimanded for refusing to disperse after being requested to do so and having a specified section of the Act read to them by a person in authority. It remained in effect until 1967.



  • advising someone to improve their behavior by scolding them
  • giving someone a firm warning to stop misbehaving

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Here are examples of sentences that use read the riot act:

  1. Josh has been bearing bad behavior from his employee and thought it was time to read him the riot act.
  2. The traffic enforcers read the riot act to the rider who had been rashly driving & was going to cause an accident.
  3. The students have been behaving better ever since the director of the school read the riot act last week.

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