Next Door Meaning & Sentence Examples

Next Door Definition, Sentence Examples

NEXT DOOR MEANING – Find out what next door really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The term “Next door,” also “nextdoor,” first appeared in the 1570s to mean “in or at the next house.” The words next and door, which together make up the idiom, have many etymologies.

The Middle English word nexte, Niehsta (nearest), and the proto-Germanic superlative form of nehwist are the ancestors of the word next, which implies closest in position, rank, turn, or place (nearest). The Middle Eastern Old English terms dor (plural: doru) and duru (plural: dura), which imply door or gate, are where the word door originates. Around 1850, the expression “people living next door” first appears in its current form.



  • the closest house.
  • being close to or nearby someone.
  • very near to

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Here are examples of sentences that use next door:

  1. Laziness is next door to failure. So, if you want to pass your exams, you must work hard.
  2. Mom did not say that it would be impossible, as that would be wrong, but it would be next door to impossible.
  3. Yassi was so ill that she was next door to death.

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