Kris Aquino Takes Children To Disney World: “Promise fulfilled”

Kris Aquino: “Promise fulfilled”

KRIS AQUINO – The former TV host recently took to social media to share that she took her children Josh and Bimby to Disney World.

Kris Aquino
Screenshot from Kris Aquino Instagram video

Kris fulfilled the promise she made to her son Josh.

On Saturday, Kris Aquino posted a video compilation on her Instagram account where she can be seen spending her time with her sons at Disney World despite struggling with multiple health issues.

In the caption of her post, she said that it was a promise fulfilled since she gave Josh her word.

The former TV host also reminded the public that a happy trip comes with a trade-off.

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In the comments section of her social media post, Kris shared that she was bedridden after their trip to Disney World but Josh’s gratitude to her made their whole trip worth it.

Bedridden now BUT kuya kept saying ‘thank you mama’ … super worth it to give him this memory,” she wrote. “My checkup is in several days, I don’t know if my doctors will immediately start me on my immunosuppressant therapy.

To recall, it was last January 25 when Kris said in a letter to her mom that she and her children will be visiting the “Happiest Place on Earth” so Josh “will have happy memories during this whole ordeal”.

Kris also said that she wanted her sons to see that they’re worth all the pain and discomfort because she knows they still need her.

My promise for kuya timed for your birthday. I really pray kayanin ko even just 5 rides so kuya will have happy memories during this whole ordeal,” Kris Aquino said at that time.

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