Katarina Rodriguez Has This Message Before Giving Birth To Second Child

Katarina Rodriguez: “I’m so excited to meet my own little girl”

KATARINA RODRIGUEZ – Here’s what the Miss World Philippines 2018 titleholder said in her social media post before giving birth to her second child.

Katarina Rodriguez
Photo: Katarina Rodriguez / Instagram

It was last October 2022 when she announced that she was expecting her second child. At that time, she posted a series of photos from a photoshoot à la Britney Spears on her social media account where she can be seen showing off her growing baby bump.

On her Instagram Stories, Katarina posted a video of her younger self with her mother from 1997. She also expressed how much she’s looking forward to spending time with her own baby girl.

I’m so excited to meet my own little girl. She’s gonna change my whole world, I can feel it,” Katarina wrote in the caption of her post on Instagram Stories.

Katarina Rodriguez IG Stories post
Screenshot from Katarina Rodriguez’s post on Instagram Stories (via GMA News Online)

Katarina previously opened up about having “pre-labor anxiety” before giving birth to her baby girl.

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According to Katarina, there’s “something I never thought I’d go through” happened on New Year’s Eve.

My mind went somewhere dark and scary. Although my first birth experience was amazing, I had [or] have been having anxiety and fear of the labor to come,” Katarina wrote in the caption of her post last January 11.

Meanwhile, she shared in her social media post last January 19 that her current pregnancy went “so smooth” in the first few months.

She also said that there were times she even forgot that she was pregnant as she was working, had a lot of energy, loved dressing up and doing things, and even wore high heels. According to her, her last trimester was “pretty difficult” since she really wanted to be up and about moving and being productive.

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