Darryl Yap Speaks On MiM, MoM Movie Posters

Darryl Yap shares the concept behind MiM and MoM movie posters

DARRYL YAP – The film director recently spoke about the movie posters of Maid in Malacañang (MiM) and Martyr or Murderer (MoM).

Darryl Yap
Photo: Darryl Yap / Facebook

On Monday, Darryl revealed the official poster of his upcoming movie Martyr or Murderer (MoM).

On Tuesday, Darryl posted the movie posters of Maid in Malacañang (MiM) and Martyr or Murderer (MoM) on his Facebook page and also shared the concept behind the movie posters.

Darryl shared that the movie poster of MiM, made by visual artist Luiz Clet, is the “reimagination of Ralph Cowen’s masterpiece”. He also said that the movie poster of MoM, made by visual artist Jhon Heart Delfin, is a tribute to “Painters of Movie Billboards” in the early 70s to 90s.

Meanwhile, film director Vince Tañada tweeted on Monday that Darryl’s promotion is a response to the taglines of his film.

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He also said that they already announced that the movie “Ako si Ninoy” will be showing in cinemas starting February 22, 2023.

“Lahat na lang ng promo mo sagot mo sa mga taglines namin, pati poster mo pineg mo rin sa amin. Nauna na kami mag announce ng date at wala kaming paki sa Opening mo. Pero naratibo mo noon pa, sumasakay at umaangkas ako sa yo. Pagisipan mo, parang baliktad,” Vince said in a now-deleted tweet.

To recall, it was last January 30 when Darryl shared posts related to the movie poster of his upcoming movie.

The film director shared Vincentiments’ Facebook post and went on to thank the visual artist who made the movie poster. He also shared Viva Films’ Facebook post and explained that there’s nothing wrong with the flag in the movie poster.


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