Andi Manzano Reveals Gender Of Third Child

Andi Manzano revealed the gender of her third child.

ANDI MANZANO – The radio DJ and content creator recently took to social media to reveal the gender of her third child.

Andi Manzano
Photo: Andi Manzano / Instagram

Andi and GP have been married since 2013 and have two daughters Olivia and Amelia.

It was last November 2022 when Andi announced that she and her husband GP Reyes are expecting their third child.

Prior to gender reveal party, Andi posted last January 29 a video where she asked her children Olivia and Amelia and other people about the gender of her third child. The tally shows that there are more “Team Boy” than “Team Girl”, as seen in the video,

We asked you what you think the gender of Baby #3 is and here’s what you guessed!” she wrote in the caption of her social media post.

In a separate post on her social media account, Andi posted a video where she showed how she and her husband celebrated the birthday of their daughter Amelia. The gender reveal party also happened during Amelia’s birthday.

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GP, for his part, shared that he and his wife had a double celebration last January 29. He went on to reveal that they’re expecting another baby girl, adding that his wife is expected to give birth on May this year.

Day 1040. January 29, 2023. Beautiful double celebration of Amelia’s 4th bday and our baby reveal! Yes we will be having another princess in our little family!” he wrote. “We are blessed! See you in May, sistow #3! Sending everyone good energy and all the happiness we are feeling right now. We love you all!

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