Rocco Nacino Shares Appreciation Post For “Hardworking Mommy” Melissa Gohing

Rocco Nacino to Melissa Gohing: “I want to let you know that I am always proud of you”

ROCCO NACINO – The Kapuso actor recently took to social media to share an appreciation post for his wife Melissa Gohing.

Rocco Nacino and Melissa Gohing
Photo: Melissa Gohing / Instagram

Rocco recently posted photos of his wife on his social media account as he wrote an appreciation post for her who he called a “hardworking mommy”.

In the caption of his post, the actor told his wife that she doubted herself as a mother many times, but she didn’t notice that she’s doing everything right and without his guidance.

He also said that she feels lousy and ugly but the pictures he posted on Instagram showed otherwise, adding that she’s blooming with happiness and contentment every day, even when without sleep.

The actor went on to tell his wife that he will always support her.

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He also announced in his social media post that he is proud of his wife for being a first-time mother. To recall, Melissa Gohing gave birth to Ezren Raffaello last October 9.

I’ll be there to support and guide you when you’re allowed to exercise to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape,” he wrote. “I want to let you know that I am always proud of you @gohingmelissa and you are always doing the greatest job at being a mom, and looking beautiful at the same time!

Aside from expressing his love for his wife, Rocco also gave a shout-out to all mothers.

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