Rica Peralejo Speaks On Supporting Her Family At 12

Rica Peralejo: “I started helping the family and it became a thing until …”

RICA PERALEJO – The former actress recently spoke about supporting her family at the age of 12.

Rica Peralejo
Photo: Rica Peralejo / Instagram

The former actress said in an episode of “Surprise Guest with Pia Arcangel” podcast that she didn’t have the best kind of life as she started having responsibilities early on. She also admitted to feeling lost when she started working at the age of 12.

Having a different life from other children, the celebrity vlogger said that she thinks “aggravated” wherever she’s in life.

She became a daring actress years later and “had to bare some flesh and all that”. Though she’s aware of the job, the former actress admitted that it “takes away from the dignity of a woman”.

As a way to cope, she turned to unhealthy acts that would cover whatever she was feeling.

The way that I’d address this is like, keep working, keep working, just do whatever we need to survive pero deep inside, namamatay na ako,” she said. “I would cover it up with relationships, a lot of drinking, partying.

The former actress also knew her parents didn’t plan any of it and she doesn’t blame them, adding that she started helping her family and it became a thing until she’s in her 20s.

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She only wished that she had someone who explained the situation.

According to her, she’s gone through a lot of therapies and “it really points back to that”. She also said that she’s a child but she already have to act on things and carry problems like an adult.

Apart from seeking professional help, the celebrity vlogger said that one of the greatest help she received is her faith.

Meanwhile, Rica recently released her first book about marriage with her non-showbiz husband Joseph Bonifacio. titled “Eleven Eleven: Painting the Challenge and Beauty of Marriage”.

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