Kitkat Shares Heartfelt Message For Husband On Their 12th Anniversary

Kitkat to her husband: “HAPPY HAPPY 12th ANNIVERSARY asawa ko…”

KITKAT – The singer-comedienne recently took to social media to share a heartfelt message for her husband on their 12th anniversary.

Photo: Kitkat / Instagram

Kitkat and Walby Favia got married in December 2010 in California and, according to the singer-comedienne, are planning to tie the knot in a church wedding soon. The couple also welcomed their first child last August 2022.

The singer-comedienne posted a throwback photo of herself and her husband which was taken during their wedding in California last 2010. She also greeted her partner to mark their special day.

In the caption of her social media post, she expressed how thankful she is to have her husband and their first child, baby Uno Asher, in her life. She shared that she always said before that her husband is the greatest gift she received from God, but the Lord was very kind to her because He added another great gift — their first child.

HAPPY HAPPY 12th ANNIVERSARY asawa ko… (Napa Valley California, wedding day)…May kasal din tayo dito sa pinas (July 4) at ikakasal pa sa church soon hahaha ano na icecelebrate nating date ng wedding natin? Hahaha,” she wrote in the caption of her post.

Her social media followers also congratulated the couple in the comments section of her post.

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In a separate post, Kitkat said that she, her husband, and their first child were celebrating their “first Christmas” as a family as she posted a photo of the three of them to mark the Christmas day last December 25.

She also marked baby Uno’s fourth month by sharing a video of her child on her social media account.

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