Bettinna Carlos Starts Counting Days Until Day Of Giving Birth

Bettinna Carlos: “Counting the days till D-day”

BETTINNA CARLOS – The celebrity mom recently took to social media to share that she started counting the days until the day of giving birth to her child.

Bettinna Carlos
Photos: Bettinna Carlos / Instagram

It was last June when Bettinna announced in her YouTube vlog that she and her husband Mikki Eduardo are expecting their baby. Her announcement came months after revealing that she had suffered from a miscarriage.

On Instagram, Bettinna shared a photo of herself flaunting her baby bump as she’s ready to give birth to her child.

In a separate social media post, she shared that she found herself gasping for air when she looked at her to-do list.

Just a few days away from D-day, I find myself gasping for air when i look at my to-do list,” she wrote. “Parang biglang bumilis ang oras. Biglang manganganak na ko. Seems like so much still needs to.”

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Bettinna also said that peace and rest flooded her heart after God reminded her of two truths. She added that she can rest and can give birth because God is in control and will take care of everything and everyone.

The celebrity mom went on to thank God that He’s on top of everything. She also thanked Him that she can entrust all her cares to Him.

It was last December 2 when Bettinna Carlos and Mikki Eduardo celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary. At that time, the two exchanged sweet words for each other to mark their special day.

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