Julius Naranjo Shares Message For Wife Hidilyn Diaz On Their 5th Anniversary As Couple

Julius Naranjo to Hidilyn Diaz: “If we could tell our story of the last 5 years, we’d be able to make a movie.”

JULIUS NARANJO — The weightlifting coach recently took to social media to share a message for his wife Hidilyn Diaz on their 5th anniversary as a couple.

Julius Naranjo and Hidilyn Diaz
Photo: Julius Naranjo / Instagram

To recall, Julius Naranjo and Hidilyn Diaz got married in a ceremony in Baguio last July, a year after she won the Philippines’ first Olympic gold medal for weightlifting.

Sharing a video on Instagram, Julius wrote a sweet message for his wife to mark their special day. He started by saying that “we’d be able to make a movie” if they could tell their five-year story.

According to the weightlifting coach, he and his wife have “experienced the unimaginable” and also have achieved something they never would have imagined together.

But with all the things we’ve been through, the good and bad, we’ve always [chosen] each other,” Julius said.

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He also said that things are hardly ever easy for the two of them and there would be a different perspective if people would understand their story. However, he said that it only made their journey even more meaningful and allowed them to work on being better people.

Julius went on to greet his wife a happy anniversary, saying, “To more journeys, hardships, pain, and success. Let’s continue to build our future for [us] and for weightlifting.

Hidilyn also commented on her husband’s social media post to mark their special day as a couple, saying, “Happy anniversary my love.”

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