Joyce Pring Speaks On Juancho Triviño Being A Father

Joyce Pring to Juancho Triviño: “I see you become more patient with him, and talagang you go out of your way to be there for him”

JOYCE PRING – The celebrity host and mom recently spoke about her husband Juancho Triviño being a hands-on dad to their son.

Joyce Pring and Juancho Triviño
Photo: Joyce Pring / Instagram

Joyce was the guest of Juancho in the 13th episode of “One on Juancho” podcast on Spotify and YouTube.

In the said episode posted last November 27, the two shared a glimpse of how their family is set up now that they’re in Manila. According to her, she’s 18 weeks pregnant and she’s expected to give birth on April next year.

Joyce also mentioned during the said episode that she often gets comments on her husband being a hands-on dad to their son Eliam. She went on to honor her partner for being one since there are those who are not that hands-on with their children.

I often get a comment from a lot of people na ‘Grabe ang bait, ang galing naman ni Juancho, hands-on siya kay Eliam,” Joyce said. “I want to honor you for being so present in Eliam’s life and for always making sure that you spend time with him, I see you become more patient with him, and talagang you go out of your way to be there for him.

She added that she can count on her husband to be there for their son, especially when she has work.

The “One on Juancho” podcast host, for his part, said he felt “kilig” with his wife’s message and her honoring him as a father.

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According to a report, Juancho admitted in a previous interview on “Chika Minute” that he and his wife really enjoyed being hands-on parents to their son.

It was last November 9 when Joyce announced that she and Juancho are expecting their second child. At that time, Joyce shared that it’s been getting harder and harder to hide her baby bump and so she and her partner decide to reveal it to the public.

Joyce and Juancho got married in a garden wedding in Manila last February 2020 and welcomed Alonso Eliam last July 2021.

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