Dimples Romana Speaks On Being With Star Magic For 25 Years

Dimples Romana: “25 years as an actress”

DIMPLES ROMANA – As Star Magic celebrated its 30th anniversary, the actress recently spoke about being with the talent agency for the past 25 years.

Dimples Romana
Photo: Dimples Romana / Instagram

Dimples was one of 5 Star Magic artists who were given loyalty awards during the talent agency’s Christmas-themed gathering at the Sheraton Manila Hotel in Pasay City last Sunday, November 27.

The actress was accorded a tribute and a trophy, alongside fellow pioneers Shaina Magdayao, Angelica Panganiban, Nikki Valdez, and Dominic Ochoa.

Recently, Dimples posted photos on her social media account and also shared a message of gratitude to those from Star Magic and ABS-CBN who have been instrumental to her success as an actress.

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The actress also recalled that her breakthrough didn’t come until late in her career in showbiz. According to her, she took the path of a character actress and did support for most her years before the “golden years I didn’t even expect to come” came.

I was happy and content doing support for many of my friends, characters that tagged me as best friend ng bayan, mommy of the upcoming stars, sister, cousin and friend that will deliver key lines in films and TV shows,” she wrote.

She also shared that she was trained early on that no role is too small for an actor who can make a single line or scene make a mark in the hearts of his/her audience.

The actress then recalled the rollercoaster journey she went through in the past two decades – including the long wait for her own breakthrough.

Dimples went on to address her social media followers as she ended her Instagram post by giving them advice about pursuing a dream and sticking by it despite doubts and setbacks.

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