Castle In Tagalog – Translate “Castle” To Tagalog

What Is “Castle” In Tagalog? (Answers)

CASTLE IN TAGALOG – This article will teach you about the Tagalog translation of the word “castle” based on the context of the sentence.

Castle In Tagalog

There are several Filipino words that don’t have a direct translation in English, that’s why we need context in order to fully translate them.

What is “Castle”?

“Castle” is an English term that refers to a large building with thick, high walls. It was built by important people in former times, especially for protection during battles and wars.

What is “Castle” in Tagalog?

“Castle” can be directly translated as “kastilyo“. The use of this word, however, may depend on the context of the sentence.

Here are some example sentences:

  1. George and Ana took a picture in front of the castle.
  2. Angelo would like to live in a castle.
  3. Carla told Daniel that she can see the castle from her bedroom window.
  4. Ben and Bobby saw a castle in the distance.
  5. Leah told Marco that it’s better to build a sandcastle in this place.

In Tagalog, these sentences could be translated as:

  1. Nagpakuha ng litrato sina George at Ana sa harap ng kastilyo.
  2. Gustong manirahan ni Angelo sa isang kastilyo.
  3. Sinabi ni Carla kay Daniel na nakikita niya ang kastilyo mula sa bintana ng kanyang kwarto.
  4. Nakita nina Ben at Bobby ang isang kastilyo sa di kalayuan.
  5. Sinabi ni Leah kay Marco na mas magandang magtayo ng kastilyong buhangin sa lugar na ito.

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