Belle Mariano Asked about Real Score w/ Donny Pangilinan

Are Belle Mariano, Donny Pangilinan Together Off Cam?

BELLE MARIANO – The young actress spoke about the real score between her and her rumored boyfriend, Donny Pangilinan.

One of the most popular tandems in the Philippine showbiz industry now is “DonBelle” – the loveteam of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano. The young stars have worked together on several projects with the romantic comedy TV series He’s Into Her being one of their successful projects.

Donny and Belle never fail to spark “kilig” among their fans and supporters and their audience. There are speculations and rumors that the two (2) celebrities are not only loveteam partners but real-life lovers.

Recently, Pep had an exclusive interview with Belle Mariano and she was asked about the real score between her and her loveteam partner and rumored boyfriend, Donny Pangilinan.

Belle Mariano, Donny Pangilinan
Photo lifted from IMDb

Belle did not give a categorical answer and leaves it to what people think as the real score between her and Donny. As for the young actress, she is very happy that he is a part of her life and she is thankful for it.

Belle Mariano stressed that Donny Pangilinan is “so special” to her. She described the young actor as a “man of integrity” which is one of the those that she likes about him. Furthermore, she stressed that he is a gentleman and is very passionate.

Based on the report, Belle expressed that there is a lot of good things that she can say about Donny and she does not think that a video would be enough to name them all. She also shared that both of them have met each other’s families.

According to Belle, her family is okay with Donny. The young actress also expressed that the parents of the young actor, Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa, are very nice as well as his siblings.

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