AUD to PHP Exchange Rate Today, November 17, 2022

Today’s Exchange Rate Of AUD to PHP

AUD TO PHP — Here is the exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and the Philippine Peso today, November 17, 2022.

Pinoys from Australia are sending money to their family or loved ones in the Philippines, while Filipinos from the Philippines are receiving regular remittances from a family member or a loved one living or working in Australia.

AUD-PHP rate matters to you regardless of whether you are a receiver of money from a family member or a loved one in Australia or a sender of remittances to your family or loved ones. You can have your AUD converted to PHP through money exchange services and financial institutions.

The Philippines’ financial institutions offer money exchange rate services during weekdays — including BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO). Here is the Australian Dollar to Philippine Peso exchange rate for today, November 17, 2022:

1 Australian Dollar (AUD) to Philippine Peso (PHP)

  • Buying: 37.7300
  • Selling: 39.0900
Australian Dollar (AUD) to Philippine Peso (PHP)

Most Filipinos chose to live or work outside the Philippines as they want to earn a sustainable income and to also have a more comfortable and better life.

There are several countries that have a promising exchange rate of their currencies with the Philippine Peso. With this, Filipinos chose to live or work abroad to help their families in the Philippines by sending remittances.

Based on a report, AIA Group Market Economist Herve Lievore said that the country’s inflation is “extremely reactive” to global factors putting the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in a difficult position.

Against this backdrop, BSP has very few options but to tighten monetary policy as much as possible with a view also of limiting the depreciation of the currency,” Lievore said. “It’s extremely crucial for the BSP to continue to hike aggressively.”

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