Marjorie Barretto Shares Message For Daughter Dani On Her 29th Birthday

Marjorie Barretto to her daughter: “Happy 29th Birthday to my first baby”

MARJORIE BARETTO — The mother of Dani Barretto recently took to social media to share a message for her on her 29th birthday.

Marjorie Barretto and Dani Barretto
Photo: Marjorie Barretto / Instagram

Dani celebrated her 29th birthday last October 20. She continued to receive heartfelt messages from the most important people in her life to mark her special day, including a sweet message from her mom.

Marjorie shared photos during Dani’s birthday on her social media account. In the caption, Marjorie told her daughter that she knew right away that she wanted to become a mom forever.

She added that her daughter continues to surprise her on how much she has grown in the past 29 years, saying that her wisdom and hard working character is what she admired most in her daughter.

Dani. My daughter I had to grow up with, fight with, level with, make up with, the child I had to surrender and trust that she can make it on her own without me,” Marjorie wrote. “And in the past years you have continued to surprise me with how much you have grown, and learned from life.

Dani replied to Marjorie’s social media post saying that she loves her more than life.

To recall, Marjorie celebrated her birthday a day before Dani’s birthday.

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At that time, Dani posted a photo with her mother on her Instagram account and also shared a sweet message for her on her special day. In the caption, Dani told Marjorie that she’s the voice inside her head when she’s about to do or decide on anything.

We celebrate you not only on your Birthday, but everyday. I hope you still feel that, Mom. Thank you for being our source of inspiration, our pillar of strength, and our voice of reason.” Dani wrote at that time.

Dani Barretto is the daughter of Marjorie Barretto with her ex-partner Kier Legaspi.

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