Michelle Madrigal On New Relationship: “Not In My Plan”

Michelle Madrigal: “I wanted to be single for as long as I could….”

MICHELLE MADRIGAL — The Austin-based Filipina celebrity recently took to social media to share about her new relationship.

Michelle Madrigal
Photo: Michelle Madrigal / Instagram

To recall, it was last last month when she shared a photo with her new partner on her Instagram account, on which her former husband Troy Woolfolk left a comment on her post saying that they’re “a cute couple.”

A couple of weeks later, Michelle’s ex-husband shared a photo with her, their daughter, her new partner, and two other unidentified kids for a family photo.

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On Wednesday, Michelle shared a video on her social media account wherein she and her boyfriend were seen constantly holding hands and being in a warm embrace.

Also in the said video, her boyfriend was seen holding a cup of coffee and smiling at her.

In the caption of her social media post, she said that being in a new relationship wasn’t on her agenda as she wanted to stay single as long as she could.

This was definitely not in my plan. I wanted to be single for as long as I could…. But boyyyyy I’m so glad it happened,” she wrote. “It’s so freeing to feel like a lady again. Not having to be in a fight or flight mode all the time. It feels like home.

Michelle Madrigal and Troy Woolfolk welcomed their daughter in 2017, got married in 2019, announced their separation last year, and their divorce was finalized in April this year.

In a now-private vlog posted on her YouTube channel last year, she said that she and Troy were “both unhappy” and “not really compatible at all”.

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