Kyline Alcantara Speaks On Importance Of Setting Boundaries On Social Media

Kyline Alcantara: “I realized, kailangan mo rin magkaroon ng boundaries when it comes to showing yourself”

KYLINE ALCANTARA — The Kapuso actress recently shared about the importance of setting boundaries on social media.

Kyline Alcantara
Photo: Kyline Alcantara / Instagram

The actress is one of the most admired Gen Z stars of GMA Network and the world of social media. According to her, she learned the important thing about social media as a public figure.

Kyline shared the lesson she learned from using social media and also explained why having boundaries on social media is important to her.

Sa social media, sa sobrang opinionated ng mga tao, especially Gen Z, our generation, minsan may mga sinasabi sila na hindi naman talaga totoo pero dahil ang dami ng nagsasabi nun, feeling mo, ‘yun na ikaw,” Kyline said in a video posted on the Sparkle GMA Artist Center YouTube channel.

According to her, she realized that she also needs to have boundaries when it comes to showing her private self, even though she’s a public figure. She also shared that she had social media posts before and the reaction of the public to her posts was different.

As someone who always posts something on different social media platforms, the actress said that she has to set boundaries on her social media posts because her privacy is also important.

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Meanwhile, Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi released a new “MavLine on Me” vodcast episode where they both answered questions about cancel culture and clout chasing. According to her, there’s a pros and cons in using internet or social media.

Mavy, for his part, said that the internet is only scary if someone only makes it scary. He added that what makes the internet scary is that those pop-up ads that are not even supposed to be there suddenly appeared on a site.

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