Gary Valenciano Speaks On Managing Diabetes

Gary Valenciano: “The biggest challenge for me when it comes to diabetes is self-monitoring”

GARY VALENCIANO“Mr. Pure Energy” recently opened up about managing diabetes as he’s living with it since he’s 14 years old.

Gary Valenciano
Photo: Gary Valenciano / Instagram

In a press conference on Wednesday, Gary shared how he managed his health with the advances in technology.

He told reporters that he had experienced doing old methods and it’s a relief to have CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) to monitor his sugar level. According to him, the biggest challenge for him when it comes to diabetes is “self-monitoring”.

With the advice of the daughter of singer Ogie Alcasid, CGM helped Gary to monitor his sugar level and to take action when needed.

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He said that he can manage his condition better with CGM.

With proper diabetes monitoring and management, “Mr. Pure Energy” said that it’s possible to deal with the disease. He said that he wants to inspire other Filipinos living with the disease that it’s possible to remove the mystery behind the condition.

Gary added that it’s possible to live life better through “proper diabetes management powered by accurate and real-time data”. Also, he noted how his faith in God grew deeper and helped him live with the disease.

(My) diet has had to change but that’s why I’m here now. Exercises had to change that’s also why I’m here now. Faith has got to change, has got to deepen somehow, and that’s why I’m here now,” Gary said. “It was my faith that has kept me going up here (mind), up in here (heart). And I’ve been provided with a lot of things that have been able to make things easier. And I say easier because it is a challenge to take care of diabetes.

ABS-CBN News reported that “Mr. Pure Energy” has been battling “type 1 diabetes” since he’s 14 years old. His wife, Angeli, and their children have been witnesses to many of his attacks and to thousands of insulin injections.

Based on the report, it was in May 2018 when he underwent an emergency open heart surgery after his doctors discovered that his left anterior descending artery was blocked because of diabetes.

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  1. Thank you Gary for sharing your experience about Diabetes. I needs only self-control, and take care of what you eat. We will live longer and will enjoy life if you know how to carry it. Self monitoring of your blood sugar helps so much…


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