Danica Sotto and Marc Pingris Reveals Gender Of Their 3rd Baby

Danica Sotto and Marc Pingris revealed the gender of their 3rd baby

DANICA SOTTO AND MARC PINGRIS — The couple recently revealed the gender of their third baby during the gender reveal party.

Danica Sotto and Marc Pingris
Photo: Danica Sotto / Instagram

It was in June 19 when the couple surprised their followers on social media during Father’s Day as they both revealed that they will be having their 3rd child.

At that time, Danica shared a video showing her family gathered together while they’re announcing the news to the public. She said in the caption of her social media post that she thanked the Lord for their answered prayer.

Marc also shared a photo of his wife and the ultrasound image of their 3rd child on his social media account. At that time, he said he couldn’t contain his excitement as he’s very happy to share the news with their social media followers.

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Recently, the couple had a gender reveal party where they revealed the gender of their third child.

Danica Sotto and Marc Pingris
Photo source: Danica Sotto / Instagram Stories

As seen in the photos and videos posted on Danica’s Instagram Stories, Chesca Kramer, Pauline Luna, and Joy Sotto were among those who were present during the said party.

In a series of videos shared by Chesca, Danica and Marc started to open the black umbrella to reveal the gender of their baby. However, it appears that the color that went out of the umbrella is white.

After that, Marc dunked the ball at the basketball ring with a black cover on the hoop. This time, blue papers suddenly fell down and the crowd shouted as Danica and Marc are expecting a baby boy.

Danica then expressed her gratitude to Pauline Luna and Joy Sotto in a video posted on her Instagram Stories, saying that words can’t express how grateful she was for the two of them.

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