DOT Orders Probe Into Alleged Overpricing Of Seafood Sold In Panglao, Bohol

DOT Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco: “This is a matter that the Department of Tourism (DOT) takes seriously”

DOT — The Department of Tourism has ordered an investigation into the alleged overpricing of seafood sold by vendors in Panglao, Bohol.

overpriced seafoods in Bohol
Credit: Vilma Uy/Facebook

To recall, Facebook user Vilma Uy aired her frustration after her friend was charged PHP 26,000 for the seafood they consumed at a shore resto in the Virgin Islands in Panglao, Bohol.

Uy said that her friend tried to ask for a discount but they weren’t given any. To settle the payment, they paid PHP 19,000 in cash and paid the remaining balance via GCash.

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Bohol Governor Aris Aumentado issued a statement on his Facebook page, saying that the provincial government will investigate the said incident as it generally affects their local tourism.

According to him, the provincial government is grateful to social media because it has given them a solid reason for the Sanggunian Panlalawigan to craft ordinances or resolutions that can provide protection and orderliness to tourists that have been exploited by some businessmen in Panglao and other cities for a long time.

Bohol Governor Aris Aumentado statement
Bohol Governor Aris Aumentado’s statement on Facebook

DOT Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco also released a statement on Facebook, saying that the incident is a matter that the DOT takes seriously, especially as it “concerns the welfare of tourists whose continued support for our destinations is critical to the recovery of the tourism industry”.

She also said that her office has been in touch with the local government on the incident.

ABS-CBN News reported that the Department of Tourism is coordinating with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) regarding pricing standards for consumer protection.

While the DOT understands the current predicament and challenges faced by many tourism-related businesses and establishments that are gradually recouping losses due to previously imposed travel restrictions, I believe that due care must always be given to the overall experience of tourists whether it concerns upholding the quality of accommodations, attaining a certain level of service, or ensuring the reasonable pricing of products,” Frasco said. 

Frasco also thanked Aumentado and Panglao Mayor Boy Arcay for investigating the incident and for taking initial steps at regulating food prices at the tourist spots.

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