BSP May Issue 500-Piso Polymer Banknotes In 2023

BSP: “Given the supply schedule (of the P1,000) the P500 polymer will not be available before end of June.”

BSP — After assessing the public’s acceptance of the first 1000-piso polymer banknote, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas may circulate 500-piso polymer banknotes in 2023.

However, BSP Governor Felipe M. Medalla said that the 500-piso polymer banknote is unlikely to be issued in the first half of next year.

Photo source: UNTV News

The BSP chief said over the weekend that the 500-piso polymer banknote “will not be available before end of June” given the supply schedule of the 1000-piso polymer banknote.

When it comes to the design of the new 500-piso polymer banknote, the central bank previously said that the photo circulating online of a purported 500-piso polymer bill with the image of a Tarsier is fake.

At present, only the 1000-piso polymer banknote with a prominent Philippine Eagle design has been approved and the central bank has not issued any new banknote design for other banknote denominations.

Photo: BSP

Manila Bulletin reported that the BSP plans to circulate more polymer banknotes in different denominations such as 500-piso and 100-piso in the future, especially if the public will adapt well to the first batch of polymer banknote circulation.

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The central bank paid Note Printing Australia (a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia) PHP 3.7 billion to produce, supply, and deliver 500 million pieces of 1000-piso polymer banknotes.

Currently, the central bank has no capacity to produce polymer bills in its printing facility in Quezon City.

Based on the report, the next batch of 1000-piso polymer banknote release is October 2022 which will run until June 2023. The central bank will circulate another 490 million polymer banknotes during this period.

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