Can Dogs Eat Tuna?

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Are You Wondering If Can Dogs Eat Tuna? – Guide

CAN DOGS EAT TUNA – Here is a guide on whether or not giving tuna to your dog would bring health benefits to your pet.

Many people are dog lovers. In fact, most households across the nation have at least one dog which is considered not just a pet but as a member of the family.

Dog lovers see to it that they have stocks of dog food for their furbabies, shampoo, anti-tick powder, treats, dog vitamins, and a lot more. They also usually get a share of the things inside the fridge.

However, dog owners must be aware that not all human foods are good for dogs. There are those that will not harm humans but they will have negative effects on dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Tuna
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Can dogs eat tuna? This is a common question among many people. Truth be told that a lot of people love eating tuna and several households really make sure they have a stock of canned tunas.

However, based on an article on Pet Co, if you are wondering can dogs eat tuna, the answer is no. Although tuna is rich in magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and B vitamins, these nutrients may not outweigh the risks when given to dogs.

According to the article, tuna is high in mercury which can cause poisoning not only to dogs but even to humans. With regards to dogs, it can damage your pet’s kidneys, nervous system, and cardiovascular system.

The signs of mercury poisoning in dogs include diarrhea, tremors, vomiting, blindness, poor coordination, hair loss, abdominal swelling, and difficulty urinating.

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