Melissa Gohing and Rocco Nacino Reveal Gender Of Their Baby

Melissa Gohing and Rocco Nacino revealed the gender of their baby.

Celebrity couple Melissa Gohing and Rocco Nacino recently took to social media to announce the gender of their baby.

Melissa Gohing and Rocco Nacino

Both Melissa and Rocco shared photos and videos from their gender reveal party on their respective social media accounts. They also announced that baby N is a “boy”.

On Instagram, Melissa thanked their siblings who organized the “surprise” and also thanked their family and friends who joined their Zoom party.

Boy oh boy! We are overwhelmed with joy! Tanggap ko na mini me mo ito,” Melissa wrote, mentioning her husband in her Instagram post. “Getting rid of my heels to chase this wild little boy. Mana sayo! Haha!

In a separate post, she said that their baby is “more than we ever expected” and “better than we ever imagined“.

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Rocco, for his part, said that he’s thankful for their loved ones who joined them in person and through Zoom. According to him, the weather at that time didn’t allow them to do their gender reveal party outside but they had space inside their house to do the “surprise”.

Like @gohingmelissa said, Boy oh boy, we’re in for a treat!! See you soon Baby Boy!” Rocco wrote.

To recall, Rocco and Melissa announced in their vlog last month that they are expecting their first baby.

Melissa also shared her difficulties in getting pregnant since she was diagnosed with PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. Rocco, for his part, said that Melissa experienced cravings and dizziness, which are common signs of pregnancy.

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