Billy Crawford Marks 40th Birthday

Billy Crawford marked his 40th birthday.

BILLY CRAWFORD — The television host recently took to social media to thank his wife Coleen Garcia for making his dream come true on his 40th birthday.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia
Photo: Coleen Garcia / Instagram

Billy’s birthday is definitely one for the books and it’s all thanks to his wife.

Sharing a photo on his Instagram account, he revealed that it was Coleen who made his dream of his son meeting his grandfather finally come true. According to him, he never thought his father would even meet his grandson.

My wife made this happen! I’m so thankful for you @coleen for making my dreams come true,” Billy wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. “I never thought my father would even meet his grandson. And by God’s grace you have made all of this possible. Thank you so much my love.

His father Jack and Mayette, who are based in the United States (US), are back home in the Philippines for their son’s birthday.

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Billy’s wife also took to social media to share a message for her husband of 4 years.

Sharing photos from Billy Crawford’s 40th birthday party on her Instagram account, Coleen said that she hopes every birthday only gets better and better for him.

She also said that she knows they both have their shortcomings, but she’s incredibly blessed that she gets to live this fun, happy, beautiful life with him and their little family.

I hope you’re always reminded that you are not just an amazing husband, but also a great friend, caring son, and wonderful father to a little angel who already adores you and looks up to you,” Coleen wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

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