Gretchen Ho Shares How She Celebrates Her 32nd Birthday

Gretchen Ho shared how she celebrated her 32nd birthday.

GRETCHEN HO — The celebrated athlete and TV host recently took to social media to share how she celebrated her 32nd birthday.

Gretchen Ho
Photo: Gretchen Ho / Instagram

For her 32nd birthday this year, she decided to make it even more special by spending it with more than just her loved ones.

She, who had flown to Bukidnon last week during the Holy Week break, shared how she and her brothers gamely shared an inspirational talk with the local students in the province on how to help them reach for their dreams.

In her Instagram post, she revealed her family’s own struggles and how they started from humble beginnings.

HOW I SPENT MY BIRTHDAY. My siblings and I have always wanted to do an outreach together. When Fr. Robbie asked us if we could give a talk about ‘dreams’ for his students in Bukidnon, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start,” Gretchen wrote.

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According to her, they shared a little bit about their own journeys to the kids of Zamboangita in Malaybalay. She shared that she and her brothers are also all volleyball players and so they conducted a small clinic first to break the ice.

Work hard. Dream on. Have confidence in yourself, no matter what the world says. Trust in the Lord’s calling for your life,” Gretchen said.

Her family enjoyed visiting the many sights in the Malaybalay province of Bukidnon and enjoyed the outdoor activities at the Dahilayan Gardens and Resort during their Holy Week vacation.

Also, she and her family started off their Easter Sunday celebration by attending a special kind of mass that is not usually seen in Metro Manila celebrations.

She revealed last year that she had moved out of their family home into her own condominium to keep her family safe as she continues to work in the field every day.

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