Ogie Diaz Reveals Liza Soberano’s Life Before Entering Showbiz

Ogie Diaz shared these things about Liza Soberano

Comedian-talent manager Ogie Diaz revealed the life that his talent Liza Soberano had before she entered the entertainment industry.

After years of being a showbiz reporter and then, comedian and host, Ogie ventured into managing talents. Currently, Liza is one of his talents. Ogie sat down with celebrity doctor Vicki Belo for an interview on the latter’s YouTube channel.

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One of the things they talked about was Ogie’s work as a talent manager. When asked how he started managing the career of Liza, the comedian-talent manager said that someone brought the actress to him.

Then, the celebrity doctor mentioned that Liza’s life before showbiz was full of hard work and Ogie Diaz said that many people perceived that Liza Soberano was already rich back then.

The talent manager said that his “alaga” was not rich at all and they were just renting a house before. “Walang kotse yan, nag-e-MRT yan, nagta-tricyle, nagta-taxi,” Ogie shared.

Ogie Diaz Pays Tribute to Liza Soberano on Her Birthday for Saving Life of His Daughter
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Following this, Vicki thanked Ogie for bringing Liza to her. The actress is one of the endorsers of Vicki Belo for many years now. The beauty doctor also commented that many actresses are dying to bag the Darna role but Liza seemed to be apprehensive doing this until the accident that happened that made her decide to let go of the role.

Ogie shared that the actress was really saddened by what happened. Liza had a finger injury and this pushed her and her manager to just let go of the opportunity. The talent manager said to the actress that they should be thankful that it was only her finger that got injured.

Ogie Diaz pointed out that Liza Soberano could be injured much worse than that if she will push the Darna project.

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