Kiray Celis to Stephan Estopia: “Thank you for loving me and my family”

Kiray Celis wrote an appreciation post for Stephan Estopia.

KIRAY CELIS — The actress recently took to social media to share an appreciation post for her boyfriend Stephan Estopia.

Kiray Celis and Stephan Estopia
Photo: Kiray Celis / Instagram

Kiray is full of gratitude toward Stephan for all the love he continues to give her and her family.

Sharing a photo of the two of them together, Kiray took to Instagram to express her appreciation for Stephan who was there for her and her family in difficult times.

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In the caption on her Instagram post, Kiray shared the details on how her boyfriend helped her parents, especially her mother who was hospitalized.

The actress shared that when she was at work, her boyfriend went to her mother in the hospital to bring her the things she might need while she is confined.

Last week, sinamahan mo ako na ipa check up si mama sa hospital tapos kahapon since asa taping ako, sinamahan mo naman si papa para dalin ulit si mama para mai-confine na siya sa hospital,” Kiray wrote. “Thank you for loving me and my family, Stephan.

Kiray and Stephan have been dating for more than 2 years and they celebrated their 2nd anniversary last December 2021.

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Indeed, the actress and her non-showbiz boyfriend are #RelationshipGoals.

In fact, Kiray’s boyfriend had her full name inked on his arm and this served as his Valentine’s Day gift for her. In September 2021, her boyfriend got a tattoo featuring her eyes on his chest.

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