Jeric Raval Confirms Relationship Of AJ Raval and Aljur Abrenica

Jeric Raval has confirmed the relationship of AJ Raval and Aljur Abrenica.

JERIC RAVAL — The actor has recently confirmed the relationship of his daughter, AJ Raval, and actor Aljur Abrenica.

Jeric Raval
Photo: Jeric Raval / Instagram

Jeric said in an interview with PEP that AJ and Aljur are “nagmamahalan” or loving each other. According to him, he was able to personally talk to Aljur about the real status between him and AJ.

He even went as far as asking Aljur what his plans for AJ were, saying that those were “typical questions” a father would ask the suitor of his daughter.

Lalake namang kausap yung tao, mabait naman. Tinanong ko lang naman sa kanya kung siya ba ay hiwalay. ‘Opo.’ ‘Ano ba ang plano mo sa anak ko?’ Sabi niya, nagmamahalan daw sila. ‘Eh di magaling,’ sabi ko. ‘Yung tipikal na tinatanong ng isang ama,” Jeric shared.

Aljur and AJ have long been rumored to be in a relationship after having been spotted getting cozy with each other.

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AJ Raval was dragged into the issue of the breakup of Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla, but she herself previously denied any involvement in the split.

Jeric seconded this, saying that his daughter only entered the picture following the split of Kylie and Aljur. He also addressed in the same interview how the public perceives AJ as “kabit” or the other woman.

Una kong reaksiyon, ama ako, e, siyempre gusto natin lagi sa anak natin yung the best, ‘di ba? You will have a better life kung iba ang manliligaw sa iyo,” Jeric said. “Hindi ka mapipintasan ng tao, hindi ka maba-bash. Hindi ka tatawaging ‘kabit’. Kaya lang, that’s life. Tao lang ang mga iyan, nagmamahalan. Sa akin naman, walang masamang tinapay,” Jeric said.

Jeric previously shared that his sister was against the relationship of Aljur and AJ.

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