Isko Moreno Believes Candidate Refusing To Join Debate an Insult to Voters

Mayor Isko Moreno Speaks on Value of Attendance of Presidential Candidates in Debates

ISKO MORENO – The Manila Mayor and presidential bet spoke on the importance of the attendance of presidential candidates in debates.

There are several events that most Filipino voters await during the election period. Among these are the grand political rallies, debates, and interviews of the candidates.

Currently, amid the election campaign period, grand rallies are taking place left and right. The candidates are having busy schedules in the pursuit to reach as many Filipinos as they can to campaign.

Recently, Aksyon Demokratiko standard-bearer and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno visited Kabankalan City as part of his campaign trail in Visayas. His visit to the region came after the release of the results of the Pulse Asia Survey placing him in the 3rd spot with an 8% voters’ preference percentage.

Isko Moreno

Based on the report, Mayor Isko expressed that the excitement of the people to see him and their smiles outweighs the results of the survey. According to him, the most effective survey for him is the smiles of the people.

According to the Manila Mayor, in exchange for the efforts of the people, it is the responsibility of the candidates to appear before the public like in debates which he believes will give the voters the chance to know the candidates more.

Based on the report, Mayor Isko Moreno believes that a candidate refusing to join debates and attend presidential interviews is also like disregarding the power of the voters to screen the candidates. According to him, he will not vote for a candidate who is not attending debates.

The Aksyon Demokratiko standard-bearer also reacted to the call for unity. According to him, he really believes in unity but it will not solve the problem in the country.

“Pero ang salitang pagkakaisa, hindi mareresolba ang gutom ng tao. Kapag wala nang isang ang tao, hindi mo kayang isaing ang pagkakaisa,” he said.

Mayor Isko Moreno believes that a candidate refusing to appear before the public like in debate events is an insult to the power of the Filipino voters to elect a candidate to office.

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