McCoy de Leon Shares Message For Elisse Joson On Her 26th Birthday

McCoy de Leon shared a message for Elisse Joson on her 26th birthday.

MCCOY DE LEON — The actor recently took to social media to share a message for his partner Elisse Joson on her 26th birthday.

Elisse celebrated her 26th birthday on Thursday, January 6.

McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson
Photo: McCoy de Leon / Instagram

Elisse’s partner made sure to show his love by writing her a sweet birthday greeting.

McCoy shared on Instagram clips of his sweet moments with his partner, including one wherein he was seen putting a necklace around her neck. The actor also shared a video of his partner singing “Jingle Bells” to their daughter, Felize McKenzie.

In the caption of his post on Instagram, McCoy told Elisse that he wanted all the best for her.

I want all the best for you. Happy Birthday My Love!” McCoy wrote.

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Elisse and McCoy, dubbed as “McLisse”, met during their stint as housemates on “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7” in 2016. Their pairing spawned a following for their sweet on-cam moments.

McLisse eventually became an official couple but broke hearts in 2018 when they both confirmed that they had broken up. However, after a year apart, the actor confirmed that he and his partner had gotten back together in June 2021.

Elisse said in a vlog post that their painful breakup had only strengthened their relationship as a couple.

McLisse made headlines in October 2021 after revealing that they’re now parents to a baby girl.

Elisse and McCoy made the big revelation in an episode of “Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10”, which saw them returning to the PBB house to ask Big Brother to be the godfather of their daughter.

McCoy said in a recent interview with PUSH that though he and his partner were already talking about marriage, they weren’t exactly in a rush to tie the knot.

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