Isko Moreno Says Harry Roque Excelled At Tough Job Of Defending Government Policies

Isko Moreno to Harry Roque: “Sa totoo lamang, Harry, natutuwa kami talaga sa’yo on how to really, you know, make a point on something.”

ISKO MORENOManila Mayor Francisco Domagoso said that former Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque has excelled in everything he has done.

Isko Moreno
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The presidential aspirant — who referred to Roque as both “secretary” and “senator” — acknowledged that defending the policies of the current administration was difficult.

Even though Moreno and Roque had a few disagreements in the past, Moreno said that he appreciated Roque’s contributions to the government.

Sa totoo lamang, Harry, natutuwa kami talaga sa’yo on how to really, you know, make a point on something,” Moreno said during the awarding of Sugbo Negosyo Champions in Cebu City on Monday. “We may disagree and agree on something but what matters most, at the end of day, we must excel from our field of undertaking. And I think, Secretary Harry Roque, you excelled in your field of undertaking, Senator Harry Roque.

According to Moreno, he and his campaign manager Lito Banayo talked in the past about how hard Roque’s job was as he also laid out, clarified, and defended COVID-19 policies installed by the IATF.

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Roque and Moreno were guests during the events in Cebu on Monday, starting off with the Christmas lighting event at the Cebu provincial capitol.

On lunch of that day, Roque and Moreno were seen seated beside each other, along with other Cebu officials like Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, Cebu Representative PJ Garcia, and Cebu Mayor Mike Rama.

Roque joked in his statement that people claimed he and Moreno were “twins”, although he claimed that he’s more handsome.

Roque and Moreno were on opposing ends just a few months ago after the former Palace spokesman said that Moreno’s call to buy anti-COVID-19 medicines and to shun the use of face shields was merely politicking, in preparations of a presidential candidacy.

Speaking of officials on opposing ends, the former Palace spokesman also addressed the government’s past quarrel with Governor Garcia, who adopted a COVID-19 testing policy different from the national government’s.

He admitted that it’s hard for him to speak about IATF policies especially when he knew that Governor Garcia was actually right.

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