Best Cat Food Philippines – Top 10 Best Wet & Dry Cat Food Brands In PH

Here’s A Guide To The Top 10 Best Cat Food Products In The Philippines

CAT FOOD PHILIPPINES – When it comes to our feline companions, we want them to have the best, but, what products should we buy?

In this article, we are going to go through a list of the top 10 best cat food brands in the country. Furthermore, we will be tackling both wet and dry cat food as well as food for kittens.

Best Cat Food Philippines – Top 10 Best Wet & Dry Cat Food Brands In PH

Why is dry cat food important?

As your cats grow in age, dry cat food is surely the way to go if we want an affordable and convenient way to feed our pets. Some cats are picky eaters, while others simply choose to eat at their own time.

Because of this, most fur parents would often go for the dry cat food as it allows free feeding. Additionally, owners could just leave the food out for prolonged periods.

However, there’s still a multitude of dry cat food brands available for purchase in local stores and online.

Best Dry Food For Cats/Kittens

PRICE: P1,400

When it comes to the best, you’d best be prepared to spend a little bit extra. Orijen’s Cat & Kitten Dry Food comes in at P1,400 for 1.8 kg or 4 lbs. But, this premium provides your cats with a diet based on what cats would naturally eat in the wild.

Orijen Cat food best cat food in philippines

The ingredients of Orijen’s cat food includes mostly meat products, but, it isn’t mixed with unnecessary additives. Moreover, it also has freeze-dried liver that elevates the flavor and taste that your cats would surely love.

Arcana Wild Prairie Kitten & Cat
PRICE: P2,449

Arcana is another premium cat food that provides a wholistic diet for your feline companion that features poultry and fish products. What makes this product have such a premium price tag is the locally sourced ingredients.

Furthermore, it has whole prey ingredients added. This means the meat, organs, and cartilage that cats need in order to thrive.

Best Cat Food Philippines – Top 10 Best Wet & Dry Cat Food Brands In PH

Royal Canin Cat Food
PRICE: P1000

There are several Royal Canin cat food products out there depending on your cat’s needs. The brand has tailored specific diet options for your cats from urinary care all the way to better hair and skin.

Best Cat Food Philippines


Although we do love our pets, some of the food options out there are at a premium and could be un-economical for the most of us. But fear not, as there’s an entire array of good high-quality affordable cat food in the PH market.

Here are some of the affordable cat food that you can find in online stores such as Lazada and Shopee:


This is one of the most popular cat food brands in the Philippines. With its affordable price and jam-packed nutrients, Whiskas becomes one of the most budget-friendly cat food for both kittens and adult cats.

Best Cat Food Philippines Whiskas
    • PRICE: P955
  • Whiskas Adult Ocean Fish Flavor
    • PRICE: P285
  • ROYAL CANIN Indoor
    • PRICE: P760
  • Carnilove Salmon Adult
    • PRICE: P879.75
  • Six Fish Dry Cat Food
    • PRICE: P1,565
    • PRICE: P1,169

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