All True Minerals Can Be Drawn Into Wires (Answer)

Here’s The Answer To “What Kinds Of True Minerals Can Be Drawn Into Wires?”

MINERALS – Only a few true minerals can be drawn into wires, but, what kinds of minerals are these?

Among the minerals that can be drawn into wires are “Native Copper”, “Native Silver”, and other native metals. But, why are these native metals able to be drawn into wires?

Most substances which contain mineral molecules do not have the capacity of drawing atoms that could slide or glide without it breaking. An example of this can be seen in Sulphor.

All True Minerals Can Be Drawn Into Wires (Answer)

When heated, Sulphor strands have this capability. However, when it’s at lower temperatures, the strands become fragile and brittle.

Meanwhile, amongs the most interesting of the minerals is graphite. This is due to the minerals capability to be converted into graphene wires. When this occurs, the graphite becomes a superconductor.

On the other hand, all true metals, which are ductile, can be stretched into a wire. Metals are a good conductor of heat and electricity. That’s why when you’re outside, you’d often see copper wires used to transport electricity to homes.

Additionally, metals are malleable. As such, they can be reshaped by a hammer into very thin sheets without it breaking apart. But, most importantly, metals are ductile, which means it can be drawn into wires.


An object that is ductile means that it is malleable. Furthermore, it is defined as the extent that a substance can be deformed.

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