LYKA Promotes Cashless, Paperless Gift-Giving

LYKA promoted cashless and paperless gift-giving

LYKA — The social media app sought to push the promotion of a cashless and paperless form of gift-giving to Filipinos.


According to LYKA Global CEO Ryan Baird, the social media app was currently promoting its Giftcard in Electronic Mode (GEMs) and also pointed out that GEMs will be the future as it will replace paper and plastic gift cards.

LYKA GEM is the first paperless, contactless and seamless social gift card in the world. Although GEMs are freely given when you engage in the app, they can also be bought from within the app,” Baird explained in an interview with the Manila Bulletin. “What’s good is that you will receive 5% bonus GEMs every time you purchase.

Baird also said that the GEMs were getting a warm reception in the market as a lot of influencers and celebrities were already posting on the social media app.

He added that users can give their friends and loved ones GEMs as gifts and at the same time earn GEMs when they posted on the social media app.

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Baird assured LYKA Philippines users that it has installed several measures in its infrastructure for the protection of all subscribers, adding that LYKA has installed voice call and video call features in order to verify the identity of users when they transacted with each other.

LYKA has over 28,000 partner merchants and the company was able to capture even the micro-entrepreneurs because of the unique concept of the social media gift card.

Meanwhile, Baird pointed out that those services and benefits will be enjoyed by LYKA users once the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) issued the registration as an Operator of Payment System (OPS) to the company.

Baird added that LYKA expected it to be issued by the 1st quarter of 2022.

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