BLACKPINK Calls For Collective Action In Fighting Threats To Environment At UN COP26

BLACKPINK called for collective action in fighting threats to the environment at UN COP26.

BLACKPINK — The South Korean pop supergroup called for collective action in fighting threats to the environment at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (UN COP26), which was held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Photo source: @ygofficialblink / Twitter

The group said in a video message on Tuesday that they’re encouraged to learn more about climate change as it was considered as one of the “most important issues of our time”.

Also, BLACKPINK addressed the world leaders present at the said event, asking them to make rightful decisions in order to keep the planet safe.

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Among the issues the group mentioned was planet Earth’s rising temperature, which may have adverse implications such as severe heat, health problems, drought, and death, among other concerns.

The group also called on everyone to do their own part in order to protect the Earth.

The important thing is we all take responsibility because it just won’t be achieved without collective action. We can still save our planet, we can still save our future. We, Blackpink, and Blinks, our fans, our generation, our world, will be watching and hoping. Let’s work together for our planet. And take climate action in your area,” the group said.

UN COP26 was a gathering of all UN countries’ leaders in order to discuss how to protect the Earth from climate change, global warming, and other factors that would endanger the planet.

BLACKPINK was appointed COP26 advocates early this year. The group was named UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) advocates in September.

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